Friday, September 2, 2011

Slight Delay

The construction deadline was pushed to September 9th. There was a delay in making the windows and doors: the town they were being made in went 3 days without electricity so that slowed things down. We also had 2 holidays this week that slowed things down (end of Ramadan). Electricity shortages are prevalent in Tanzania and are a hot-button issue for Parliament.
We are getting very close to completion of the boma. The final roof sheeting is going up today and tomorrow; they need to cap and seal the roofing; they are plastering the inside of the house; the final step is to then finish the floor with a smooth coat of cement. Of course, the windows and doors must be installed, complete with glass, and cemented into the frames. Some air vents remain to be installed.
The temporary choo (toilet) is said to take 2 days to construct. The hole was completed today and is about 20-30 feet deep. It was hand-dug by groups of men taking turns over the last 2 weeks, using hoes and shovels. They had a contest to see who could throw the dirt up and out of the hole the furthest.
District officials will make an (un)announced visit to the site in the near future; they find it hard to believe it is almost done. They questioned Headmaster Dominic Sanka at length on Monday regarding the design, materials, process, and status. He was able to inform them that all plans have been followed that were approved by the District in late July. The site still has a steady stream of onlookers as well.
While the excitement is certainly still notable, everyone involved is quite tired in their own way. It has been hard work for everyone, from the brick-makers, water porters, supervisors, stone-makers, to the Village Council members who are responsible for the volunteer effort and kids at the school who have helped out. It has been a long haul, but an amazing experience for everyone involved.
"There is no other boma like this" is what is being said. What is important, and the sole purpose of this task, is to bring in more school teachers to Kisangaji. I have no doubt that we will add at least 2 more teachers to the school by the end of September.

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