Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Declared Complete

The boma has been officially declared complete by the Project. We worked both days over the weekend. The final layer of flooring and the window and door glass were installed yesterday and today. The boma is now ready for new teachers to move in, which was the Projects objective. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Small details will be worked on at the site over the next few weeks, but the hard part is now complete. There will be a celebration ceremony soon and the village is very excited. Headmaster Sanka is beaming and enormously happy. Onlookers from neighboring villages are still stopping by to see the boma.

The Project will now turn its attention to other matters. There will be meetings at District offices, both with the Education and Executive offices. The District Executive Director reports directly to the President so this will be a very important meeting. A needs assessment will be completed to prepare for 2012's goals. There will be significant pre-planning done to prepare for 2012's objectives, mostly likely water pumps for the village and school, based on a preliminary Council meeting, and subsequent Board of Directors decisions later.

It has been a tremendous privilege to engage in this project in Kisangaji. Everyone has worked very hard. Donors to the Project, and for the boma specifically, deserve high praise. Without the donors, this endeavor could not have become a reality. This will be something that everyone can remember with pride and joy. It is a house truly built and nurtured by an "entire village" comprising of the volunteers, donors, and workers, united across continents, and built with love.

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